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As time goes by, modern and new manufacture technology provides us with a lot of convenience; the most distinct thing is that we can purchase almost evrything we want from the shops. However, have you ever missed the time when doing crafts together with your friends during the crafts class or you want to be more original rather then just simply buying goods from the shops? Here Handspire invite you to make some crafts by yourself with us.

ART CRAFTSArt crafts

Want to be more artistic and creative through making some crafts? In this section Handspire provides you with some ideas as well as instructions relating to art crafts. Not only you can enjoy a time for art but also take a break from your busy daily life. The final art product can be used as decoration for your home but also a smart idea to gift them to your loved ones.

Art crafts

FESTIVAL CRAFTSFestival crafts

Festival time is a time for crafts! This year, have you fed up with the same routine of buying commercial presents and other festival decorations from shops? Here we invite your to make some unique festival crafts by your own! From Easter to Halloween, you can always find the most suitable ideas for your special festival crafts! Let us enjoy a different festival atmosphere!

Festival crafts

KIDS CRAFTSKids crafts 

Curiosity and creativity are the most shinning points of children, they can always see, think and find out the beautiful things we have missed in nowadays´ stressful life. Want to spend some enjoyable but also meaningful time with them? Making some kids crafts together with them can be a smart idea! We wish these crafts can colour your kids´ leisure activity but also hope you enjoy the family crafts time!

Kids crafts

WASHI TAPE CRAFTSWashi tape crafts 

The washi tape is a paper tape introduced to Japan by a Korean Buddhist priest about the year 610. This Japanese zeal also known as masking tape, is made from natural ingreditnes as plants, bamboo, hemp, rice or wheat, what makes it more special is the absence of chemicals in the production process. In 2006, it has been begun manufactured by a company specializing in adhesive tapes. The possibilities and ways to make crafts with washi tape are numbers, if you want to know more about Washi tape crafts, do not miss this part of Handspire!

Washi tape crafts

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